Somebody has gone and made a Forrest Gump endless runner, because hey — even Oscar-winning movies deserve to be stripped of their dignity every once in a while.

First spotted by Touch ArcadeRun Forrest Run is now live on the New Zealand App Store, and no doubt on its way to the US shortly. Today is the film’s 20th anniversary, after all. You’ll guide Forrest as he runs “through Alabama and the awesome Route 66,” or so says the game’s iTunes description.

screen568x568[2]There’s no word on whether or not this game is officially tied to the film’s license, and while I’d be tempted to say it’s not, the anniversary timing really leaves me wondering on this one.

There are plenty of film-related endless runners out there, and contextually this one even makes sense, but… I don’t know. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s just a shame nobody ever made the Cinefix version.

Ignore my old man complaints. I’ll just sit here with my blu-ray of the original and my now nearly 20-year old whine that they never filmed the sequel.

Besides, if he knew about this mobile game, I’m sure Forrest would be tickled pink. If you have a New Zealand iTunes account, you can download Run Forrest Run for free here.