Sure, you may be an ace at Goat Simulator, but how are your bovine skills?

Thanks to the people at Larian Studios, we’ll all be able to answer that question very soon. As part of an announcement regarding the Divinity Engine Toolkit the company is releasing so that players can tinker with its upcoming co-op RPG Divinity: Original Sin, Larian also revealed one very good use for that software: namely, to create “perhaps the finest cow simulation ever produced.”

To be fair, that’s not a particularly crowded genre at the moment. But maybe that will change once gamers get a look at Cow Simulator 2014, a mod that allows users to complete quests or fight in the arena. If that’s not enough cow action for you, there’s also four-player co-op … with cows.

While there’s no word on whether or not Cow Simulator 2014 permits mooing or dropping cow patties to specific keys, you could simply ask the developers that yourself. At 18:00 CET June 23rd (also known as noon EDT today), Larian employees will take to Twitch to “mod Cow Simulator 2014 into an epic mod worthy of the cow simulation crown.”

World of video games, please don’t ever change. And developers, please don’t stop until every farm animal has its own sim. Cow Simulator 2014 will be available as part of the Divinity: Original Sin Early Access beta on Steam that begins on June 26.