The World Cup is in full swing right now, or as I like to call it, “the one time every four years that Americans convince themselves they like soccer.” I’d like to think there’s more to it than that, but come on — we do the same thing with the two-man luge.

That’s ok though. I forgive you. Soccer really is an awesome sport. There’s a reason we all play it when we’re kids, and we love to watch our own kids do the same. And besides, the MLS is growing in popularity, so maybe there’s a chance your love of the game will carry on after July’s final game has come and gone.

Maybe these 9 games will give you something to do while you’re waiting for the next GOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!




Sometimes when you want a soccer game, you just want the best. EA’s FIFA games have become the de facto series for most players (Pro Evolution Soccer fans excluded), and with good reason. The touch screen controls in this year’s mobile version make it a dream to play. BONUS: a recent update added World Cup content.


Pixel Cup Soccer


Wish that FIFA 14 played more like 1990’s Nintendo World Cup? Somewhere between those two extremes you’ll find Pixel Cup Soccer, a brand new game with old school visuals and play style. It offers arcade rather than simulation play, which might be exactly what you’re in the mood for between World Cup matches.


Stickman Soccer 2014


As developer Robert Szeleney will tell you, everything sells better with the world “Stickman” in the titles. Stickman TennisStickman Cliff DivingStickman Basketball — he’s made it to the App Store Top 10 more than a handful of times over the course of his career. His latest game is actually the sequel to an earlier footy game, 2013’s Stickman Soccer.


Soccer Stars


Looking for a neat twist on soccer that feels a little like shooting marbles and thrives on multiplayer play? You need to download Soccer Stars. It’s a simple turn-based offering that pits real players against one another online, as they line up their “players” and shoot them into the ball as they try to score. Games are quick, as well as quite addictive.


PES Manager


It would be impossible to talk about soccer games without delving into the world of deep soccer management sims. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer Manager is the newest kid on the block in terms of App Store selection (and it’s free). But if you find this one doesn’t quite scratch your itch, might we recommend Championship Manager 14 (iOS/Android) or Top Eleven (iOS/Android)?


Pocket League Story 2


Maybe you like your management games a little friendlier. Kairosoft knows “management” and “friendly” better than anyone else. Their sims have put players in charge of  cruise shipsbath houses, and everything in between.

The crown jewel of the catalog also happens to be their second soccer management simulation, making Pocket League Story 2 a must-have inclusion on this list.


Flick Kick Football Legends




Soccer Rally Car 2


Why use your legs for kicking when you could just press down on the gas pedal? Soccer Rally 2 combines driving mechanics with old fashioned sportsmanship, tasking players to drive around the pitch as they try to score on their opponent with a giant black and white ball.


Super Ball Juggling


Dong Nguyen, better known as Mr. Flappy Bird, has a soccer game. And yes, it’s just as punishing and addictive as you’d expect. I’m sorry/you’re welcome.


Not quite enough for you? Be sure to check out the huge selection of soccer game picks we made for the 2010 World Cup here.