Jupiter Jump is all the rage right now, and for good reason. An endless runner that blends elements of Flappy Bird and Jetpack Joyride, it’s the sort of game that will have you coming back again and again to boost your measly score.

But hey — maybe it doesn’t have to be too measly. Follow these five tips, and watch your point total soar.


1. Focus on combos, not scoring


In your first few plays, you’ll probably be more worried about scoring than increasing your combo. Stop that. Increasing your combo is more dangerous (you’ll need to “near miss” obstacles to drive that number up), but it pays off quickly. Every time you travel through the green laser to score, you’ll earn a number of points equal to your combo. For this reason — especially early on in the game — it’s important to worry about near misses more than building your score


2. When in doubt, stay down


Jupiter Jump is a game that requires split second timing. You’ll be presented with a challenge and need to settle on a course of action in the blink of an eye. So if you have even a moment’s hesitation, don’t do it. There’s probably a good reason for it (ie, it’s impossible), and even if there’s not, that hesitation will throw you off. Instead, tap on the screen repeatedly to go under the obstacles in question (or soar above them if they’re on the lower half of the screen).


3. Don’t try to combo through a tight gap


There are plenty of moments in Jupiter Jump where the obstacles are spaced out vertically but not horizontally. This can trick your mind into thinking you can squeeze through the space. You can’t. Tell your mind to shut up. You’ll live a lot longer if you do.


4. Double up on Near Misses when you can


Every once in awhile you’ll see a cluster of obstacles. If you can near miss them, do it. Nothing is sweeter than getting 2 or 3+ on your combo from a single maneuver.


5. Travel through the Black Hole at every opportunity


Building up a combo is key, but what good does it do if you can never cash in with a whole whack of points at once? Travelling through a black hole does more than just change the scenery — it delivers a dozen or so vertical point collectors in a row immediately upon arrival. If you’ve built your combo up to x25 or x30, the black hole is where it’s going to pay off.