After milking the Star Wars brand as far as it could go, it was only a matter of time until Rovio found a new franchise for Angry Birds to roost in — and this time they want all the Energon your petty world has to offer.

Angry Birds Transformers is expected to launch on mobile later this year, and while we don’t have any details on the gameplay itself, Hasbro has confirmed with PocketGamer that they’ll producing a line of Telepod toys that connect with the game, just as their Star Wars Telepods did before.

The next logical step? Flappy Bird Go- Bots.

With Rovio seemingly focused on the Angry Birds brand more than the game itself, I can’t help but think the merchandising potential is the real driving force behind the collaboration. Just think about it — what Angry Birds-loving kid wouldn’t want to open a red bird that turns into a fighter plane that turns into a killer robot on Christmas morning?

Also, since no one else is saying it, we need to get one thing clear: Pigcepticons sounds way better than Deceptiohogs. There’s still time to change it, Hasbro.