We can write hints and tips until we’re blue in the face here at Gamezebo (in fact, we frequently do), but nobody can really offer the kind of insight that a game’s creators can. So when Uber Entertainment’s John Comes contacted me to see if Gamezebo would like to share some of Toy Rush wisdom, you’d better believe I jumped at the chance.

Looking for more tips? Be sure to check out the Gamezebo-written guide for Toy Rush once you’ve processed every bit of brilliance the folks at Uber have shared below.


Clear the Way

To prevent your assault from fizzling out before it even gets started, make sure to clear defenses from the spawn point before sending in your high value units. If the spawn point is well-guarded, use KATTs and Hoots to clear out the towers before sending in your key units.


Know Each Role

Each Toy plays a different role in battle. For example, Bowlerpuffs are “tanks” with high HP allowing them to take a lot of enemy fire. Lead your attack with a small group of them to absorb the damage from the towers while your other units can deal damage safe from enemy fire.


Patch Yourself Up

Psyclomas are essential to keeping your troops in battle longer, but are no good once they’re taken out by a Tower. Use Psyclomas in groups to stack heals on your other Toys, as well as the Psyclomas themselves.


The Best Defense is a Good Offense

A good base isn’t simply made up of powerful Towers. Jacks, Bubble Gum, Safety Hazards, and Tower Powers are essential to keeping your defenses as strong as possible. The more you attack other players, the more often you will receive these.


Get Schooled


Still a bit stumped on the mechanics of some Toys and Towers? Playing the Daily Challenges are a great way to gain an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each Card in Toy Rush. You’ll even be rewarded with XP boosts, Decorations, and Caps!​