Have you ever picked up a guitar and wished you were able to thrash out iconic songs from some of the world’s most infamous bands? Do you wish you could play that catchy riff that you can’t get out of your head?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you’ll be very interested in CoachGuitar – an iPhone and iPad app that will teach you how to play the likes of Back in Black, Yesterday, and Hotel California.

Unlike a lot of coaching apps, CoachGuitar doesn’t just focus on guitar tabs. Instead, the app utilises videos and an animated fretboard, as well as coloured dots that represent your fingers and their placement during songs.

These dots also indicate which strings you’re supposed to strum at which times.

We recently had the opportunity to chat to Antoine Mercier from the CoachGuitar team and ask him a few questions.


What features set CoachGuitar apart from similar coaching apps on the App Store?

CoachGuitar is the only app that provides in-depth guitar teaching methodology with a full visual method. Every guitar lesson is broken into small parts that help the user focus on an important moment of the song.


Which part of Coach Guitar are you most proud of and why?

We are really proud of our finger position method using colours.

Its development was a long, challenging process. It was pretty hard to build a method that looks easy for everyone, and that is strongly approved by our community, especially beginners. Users of our app say that they “learn much faster with CoachGuitar than with any other app or teacher!”.


Do you have any plans to update CoachGuitar with new content? If so, what content do you currently have planned?

We are going to keep updating the app every week with new guitar lessons, and we will probably diversify the type of lessons we propose (classical music, guitar solos, movie themes, etc).

We’re also working on new features within the app to come in the next few weeks. I can’t talk much about this right now but I can say that these features will enhance experience and our community is going to love it.


Do you currently have any plans to release CoachGuitar on other mobile platforms?

Absolutely. CoachGuitar will be released very soon on the two other great mobile platforms: Android and Windows Phone


CoachGuitar is free to download with in-app purchases. Why did you choose this payment model?

The freemium model was pretty obvious regarding the service we propose.

It is great for the users to try a couple of guitar lessons for free, getting familiar with the concept and the method, and then pick the songs they love from our lesson library.

As the concept is pretty unique, it needs to be tested and approved first. And as we’re very confident with it, we know that when you try it, you want to have more.


How many lessons are available to download within the app?

Currently 150 lessons are available for purchase within the app, and you can try five different lessons for free.

Download CoachGuitar from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now for free