It’s been a busy week for MAG Interactive’s Ruzzle series. First we saw the launch of Ruzzle Adventure – a game that scored both an iTunes Editor’s Choice position and four stars in a Gamezebo review – and now they’ve announced the next Ruzzle project: dominating your television set.

MAG Interactive has entered into a deal with High Noon Entertainment to turn the franchise into a television series.

Ruzzle has all the perfect elements of a game format – the rules are simple, anyone can play and there’s a ticking clock,” said Jim Berger, Chief Executive Officer of HighNoon Entertainment. “Combine that with high stakes, and we know the excitement and intensity of the game will translate seamlessly to TV.”

It’s worth remembering that an announcement doesn’t always translate into an “on the air” product. Remember when CBS and Ryan Seacrest announced a Draw Something show back in 2012? Still, it’s interesting to see what apps are being courted for the game-to-game-show transition. With any luck we’ll be flipping back and forth between The Price is Right and Ruzzle before we know it.