Sometimes it’s hard to distill a game to one sentence that will capture someone’s attention. The again, if that sentence includes the phrase “like Q*bert on a Rubik’s Cube in space,” that’d probably do the trick.

I’d love to take credit for making that one up, but it’s actually the words of Crescent Moon Games’ Josh Presseisen. And it’s the best way to summarize Twisty Planets, an upcoming puzzle game for iOS and Android from FirstSight Games and Crescent Moon Games. While Q*bert certainly had some slick moves hopping around pyramids back in the day, he’s got nothing on Qub, who sort of resembles a tiny tube TV with legs and a single antenna.

Your job is to help Qub hop around each little planetoid to find three stars and escape to the next one. The planets can be rotated along all three axes — hence the game’s title — which could be a help or hindrance depending on how you twist. Qub will also have to contend with moving platforms, springboards and teleportation portals as he does his thing.

From the looks of the debut trailer, you’ll be able to see how your times on each level stack up against other players, and hunt for a number of hidden objects within the game’s 60-plus levels. According to the game’s Facebook page, you can expect to see Twisty Planets on iOS in early June and Android shortly thereafter.

If you check it out and are inspired to come up with an even more apt one-sentence description, we’re all ears.