Game Introduction – Snoopy’s Sugar Drop

Snoopy’s Sugar Drop is a free-to-play match-three game where you must create candy combos, collect candy to advance to the next level, and search for Snoopy’s sister Belle. Gamezebo’s quick-start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Tips and Strategies

Snoopy's Sugar Drop

Use familiarity to your advantage: If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga or other similar match-three games, Snoopy’s Sugar Drop should come to you naturally. You need to swap gems to match with the same color. This will create a match and clear the candies from the board. Of course there are varying types of candies, some of which offer different power-ups. However, if you time things just right, you won’t even have to use a power-up. Look for clusters of same-colored candies and try to take them out systematically.

A little help from your friends: If you get stuck, try the Boosters allocated to you for each level. They can turn the tide in your favor in no time.

Play smart. You have a limited number of moves you can make before it’s game over. Try to make the best out of the candy you have. Get the most you can from each swap. Just because the game suggests you should move a specific tile, that doesn’t mean you should always take its advice — you need to think ahead in order to make sure you always have a move at your disposal.

Snoopy's Sugar Drop

Work from the bottom up: This is the case with many match-3 puzzlers, not just Snoopy’s Sugar Drop in general, because candies fall from the top of the screen, and if you clear out those at the bottom, you leave more room at the top for new pieces to work with. This works especially well in levels where you must collect ingredients.

When in doubt, go for the combo: If you ever have two special candies like stripes and rainbow together at once, go ahead and ignite them, since they can take out over half the board if you need a quick save. This can also help you get to places which are off the board or otherwise difficult to reach. Don’t use combos willy-nilly, though — save them for when you really need them!

Hold off on buying or using additional power-ups: It’s possible to get past the first 10-30 levels (or more) without ever purchasing a power-up. In fact, you can delay using Lucy Pounder, Snoopy Snatch, or Charlie Brown’s Home Run until the last two or three boards if you play your cards right.

Snoopy's Sugar Drop

Restart levels that don’t appeal to you: If you start a level that’s lacking a cluster of similarly-colored candies or a setup that doesn’t look conducive to victory, just close out the game without completing the level and go back into it. Since each level is random, this will work to your advantage. Eventually, you’ll get a board where you can create some easy combo candies with minimal effort.

Clear out candies on wrappers near the edges: Every so often, you’ll find candies still on their wrappers. Instead of just trying to clear the inner candies, which will fall into place as you clear out pieces from the bottom, focus your attention to the corners and bottom of the board. Clearing out the edges will summarily ensure you clear out the center, too!