Game Introduction – KeroBlaster

KeroBlaster is an action / shooting game from Studio Pixel. In this game, you hop on platforms and blast enemies as you progress from level to level. Gamezebo’s handy strategy guide will provide you with some tips and hints that will keep your skin moist.

Tips and Strategies


Switch out weapons as the situation calls for it – In KeroBlaster, you earn weapons as you defeat bosses. Different weapons have different properties and rates of fire, making it worthwhile to switch them out frequently and see what works best in certain situations. For instance, the pea shooter can be turned into an effective long-range weapons, whereas the flame gun devastates enemies at close range.

Some weapons are affected by water – The pea shooter’s range is greatly diminished while underwater, and the flame gun barely works at all. However, the wave weapon isn’t affected by water, and the bubble gun’s projectiles will float to the surface.

Spend your money on permanent life upgrades first – There’s lots to buy at the Cat and Frog Store, including extra lives. You’re better off spending money on permanent life upgrades, however, since they last forever.

Always refill your hearts when you’re at a store – That said, it always pays to fill your life gauge when you’re at a store. It’s usually cheap – much cheaper than buying an extra life.


Take some time to get used to the jetpack’s physics – Jumping around with the jetpack item takes practice. Take the time to get a feel for the power-up’s physics, since jumping accuracy counts for a lot in later levels.

Enemies below? Switch to the bubble gun – The bubble gun’s projectiles roll downhill, making them ideal for taking out traps and enemies situated below you.

The laser is good for piercing boss defenses – The pea shooter can be upgraded to the laser. The laser demands accuracy, making it a bad choice for the run-and-gun portions of a stage, but it’s excellent at ripping through a boss’s armor.

Some walls contain hidden passages – Hidden passages are scattered here and there in Kero Blaster, so press up against any nook or cranny that looks suspicious. You might find an extra life, or a stash of money.

Coins vanish, so grab them quickly – Defeated enemies often drop coins, but those coins bounce around for a finite amount of time. Grab them before they disappear, but try not to get whacked by an enemy on the way.


Do a little grinding if necessary – Enemies drop big payoffs in later levels. It’s not a bad idea to hang around the entrance to a store to do a little grinding for cash and upgrades.

Lost your jacket? Don’t worry, you can get it again – You lose your sharp jacket if you get hit by an enemy. Don’t worry; you can collect it again at the hospital or at a Cat and Frog Store.

Don’t overlook treasure chests or safes – Chests and safes contain large caches of money. Be careful around safes, though. Some of them come to life and attack you.

The heart jar is a valuable item – If you’re having trouble with a boss, consider taking a heart jar into battle. You’ll restore a bit of energy when you die, which might be enough to let you finish things off. Losing all your lives during a boss battle means having to start a level all over again, which is undeniably aggravating.