Super Monkey Ball is more than a great franchise, it’s also an important footnote in mobile gaming history. When Apple debuted the iPhone’s gaming capabilities (back in the days of disco and cavemen, if I remember correctly), Super Monkey Ball was the showcase item that proved iPhone gaming might be more than just a gimmick.

Now, after a lengthy break from the App Store, AiAi and friends are back – but not as you’re expecting.

Rather than a typical entry in the series with a shiny coat of 2014, Super Monkey Ball Bounce is SEGA’s attempt to capture the Peggle crowd. If they feel a little late to the party on this one, just remember – King’s Papa Pear Saga from last year follows the same formula, and has had no trouble staying in the Top 100 grossing games list on the App Store.

The Super Monkey Ball franchise is no stranger to exploring things outside of their Marble Madness origins, either. The original games featured unlockables like Monkey Billiards and Monkey Baseball – but this one seems more like a “me too!” than a neat rethinking of what the franchise can be.

Still, everbody likes Peggle and everybody like AiAi. You can check this one out when it comes to iOS and Android devices this summer. Roll on, monkey man!