There are a lot of amazing card games on the App Store. As one of the millions of players currently nursing a Hearthstone addiction, this shouldn’t come as news to you. But like most games on the App Store, after a brief few weeks as every gamer’s new best friend, some classics are instantly forgotten about. Such has been the case for Summoner Wars – quite possibly my favorite App Store card game, yet it lost all its luster when everybody else abandoned it. Such is the story for most multiplayer games.

But is the Summoner Wars community about to get a second lease on life? Thanks to today’s Android launch – and cross-platform support – all signs point to yes.




If you’re a fan of card games, this really is a must buy. It’s a little like Chess meets Magic The Gathering, and remains both accessible and deeply strategic. Like the iOS version, the initial download on Android is free and additional factions can be purchased for a nominal price ($7.99 unlocks everything for you). And yes, after your first few matches, you’ll happily break out your wallet.

This is Playdek’s first foray onto Android devices, and with a huge catalog of App Store board game greats, I can’t help but wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg. Could Lords of Waterdeep be far behind?

Pick up Summoner Wars for Android on Google Play and Amazon. And if you’re an iOS gamer, grab it too – it looks like you’ll have no trouble finding an opponent again.