Earlier in the week the Steam Early Access release trailer for The Stomping Land was revealed, along with lots of information about the game and its impending release. With a set launch date of May 30th, The Stomping Land will be in players’ hands just a little under a year following the game’s Kickstarter campaign which pulled in over $100,000. Those who backed the game on Kickstarter (and qualify for the specific rewards tier) will have access to the game on the 26th, four days before everyone else will.

On the game’s official forums, The Stomping Land’s lead developer, Alex Fundora, revealed that seven different dinosaurs will accompany the early access release, with other dinosaurs being added into the game as they are completed. Fundora also talked a little about the caves shown off in the release trailer, and what players can expect to get from exploring them.




“Not only do [the caves] house the herbs you need to heal dinosaurs or allies,” Fundora explains, “but they also randomly scatter shrines that will boost your hunter’s expertise. Hunters who capitalize on these shrines will find themselves befriending tougher dinosaurs faster.” The caves are pitch black nightmares, requiring players to carry torches in order to avoid becoming lost or falling to their doom. To add even more tension to cave exploration, players must drop their torches in order to engage in combat, essentially requiring the need to go spelunking in small groups.

As mentioned, befriending dinosaurs is a prominent gameplay mechanic in The Stomping Land. With enough expertise (which is collected from surviving over time and from the shrines found in caves) players can tame small and medium-sized dinosaurs which they can then hop on and ride around upon. The tamed dinosaurs are then used to kill the bigger dinosaurs. It’s survival of the expertise-iest.

The Stomping Land will release on May 30th with a $24.99 price tag.