Few games grab my attention as fast as Source did. There are just a handful of games that I discover each year that so completely engage me that I feel the need to watch the gameplay trailer three or four times, before I feel I’ve fully digested what I have been watching. From the spectacularly beautiful scenery, to the instantly charming buzzing protagonist, to the world as a whole, Source presented me with a universe I’ve never seen before, but one I immediately wished to be a part of.

If all goes well with the Kickstarter campaign, Source will be out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U by August 2015. The husband and wife development team behind Source are drawing inspiration from many sources, Tron perhaps being the most notable. They are also describing Source as a Metroidvania experience that features no dialog or cutscenes, relying on “visual storytelling that unfolds dynamically” to plot the adventure.



On the Kickstarter campaign, the developers explain that at first, Source began as a top-down adventure game, and then evolved when they added in a “spacy” soundtrack that they liked enough to mould the game around the feel of the track. Then, the birth of their son inspired Source’s development even further.

“In the summer of 2013, Anna and I had our first baby boy,” the developer explains on the Kickstarter campaign page, “which gave me the idea to push exploration in the game by creating a completely surreal world so that the player would experience Source with “infant eyes”. In order to achieve this sensation, we needed to create a whole new alternate reality. Something both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to help drive the exploratory spirit.”

Source is currently up for voting, on Steam Greenlight