Ciro Continisio of Tiny Colossus took to Reddit over the weekend in order to promote his strategy game UFHO2. After nearly two years stagnating on Steam Greenlight, and measly sales through Desura and Humble, Continisio has resigned himself to the fact that “nobody is going to buy it unless it’s on Steam” and released a UFHO2 torrent onto The Pirate Bay. The release of the torrent came a little over a week after UFHO2 was released onto the iTunes Appstore where it’s available for $3.99.

UFHO2, which stands for Unidentified Flying Hexagonal Object, was posted to Steam Greenlight in August of 2012. Six months prior the game managed to pull in over $10,000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign. However, it is worth noting that about half of those earnings came from just around 10% of the backers. 




The game is a sequel to the 2007 game, UFHO, also developed by Continisio, which was available to play for free online. The servers for UFHO have since been shut down and the game is no longer playable.

As for the future of UFHO2, Continisio revealed plans to implement cross-platform scoreboards to allow players who purchased the game on low-population platforms to be able to compete with more populated userbases. According to Continisio, the game’s recent release onto the App Store is so far the most promising.

“On mobile [UFHO2] is doing slightly better,” Continiso explained on Reddit, “because even if [it is] super crowded, the App Store has mechanisms to make good games emerge, and a lot of websites publish articles about apps all the time. On Greenlight, nobody is really scouting for good games anymore.”