Here’s an interesting development that Kentucky Route Zero fans probably weren’t expecting. Series creators Cardboard Computer – who earlier this year told their fans that it was too big a project to really give an ETA – may now in fact have an ETA!

The team took to Twitter on March 29 to answer questions in a very tongue-in-cheek Magic 8-Ball sort of way. Much to my surprise, they provided a pretty solid answer to the following question from @HotAndSpicyMilk: “Act III before May 31, 2014?”

“signs point to yes.”




Magic 8-Ball’s aren’t infallible, and if the team behind Kentucky Route Zero: Act III is to be believed, it’s a big enough game that unforeseen delays might be par for the course. That said, having a release window – any release window – is an exciting development from a studio who has publicly shunned them after their experiences announcing dates for Act I and Act II.

Here’s to hoping we’re back on the Zero before summer solstice hits. Something tells me that’ll be a weird place after that. Well… weirder, anyway.