While everyone (with access to a Canadian iTunes account) has been furiously playing Hearthstone on their iPads this week, I’ve found myself thinking of similarly great strategy games that I wish I could play on my tablet. Chief among them? Scrolls.

A cards-meets-combat game that debuted in beta last summer (read our early impressions here), we’ve been hearing rumblings of a tablet version since 2011. Those rumblings have finally turned into a roar. In an update on Scrolls.com today, Mojang’s Owen Hill delivered the good news:

“An iPad/tablet version of Scrolls is in the works! We’ve enlisted the aid of Ludosity to port Scrolls into flatter, more touchy devices. We’ll have more news on this soon.”




This is great new for fans of Scrolls (or, really, strategy games in general). Ludosity has already wowed us once this year with Card City Nights, and their 2013 release Ittle Dew was one of our picks for the top games of the year.

That wraps up your fantastic multiplayer strategy news for the day. Now get back to playing Hearthstone, you crazy kids.