The recently revealed MIND: Path to Thalamus is not the sort of game you’d expect from the game developer behind the popular “Warcelona” Left for Dead 2 campaign. There are no hordes of zombies trampling over one another to attack the player, or frantic gun fights in between burnt out cars and looted buildings. In fact, MIND: Path to Thalamus is essentially the polar opposite of Warcelona, as far as that game’s setting is concerned.

MIND: Path to Thalamus is a first-person puzzle game that puts players in control of the elements in order to solve the game’s environmental puzzles. The game is currently in development for PC, and the developer, Carlos Coronado, has announced plans to bring the game to the Oculus Rift platform.



“I am planning to bring this game to Oculus Rift,” Coronado explained on the game’s Steam Greenlight page. ” I think this game will be perfect for the Oculus because the gameplay is not fast or requires high flash skills or accuracy in your movement.”

Coronado goes on to explain that MIND is a spiritual successor to her previous game, COMA. While COMA was never released, or completely finished, Coronado is certainly taking what he learned from developing COMA and bringing it in and using it to ensure that MIND is a much more polished product.

Players anxious to check out MIND: Path to Thalamus can check the game out on Steam Greenlight, and keep an eye out for its release, later this year.