It’s a sad day to be part of a promising startup. Wormhole Games, who released their first (and it looks like, only) game last year with Tank Nation, and earned a spot as one of Gamezebo’s best new games studios of 2013, is “winding down” according to a Facebook post from studio CEO and co- founder Jamil Moledina.

“We founded Wormhole Games as our contribution to innovation in free to play mobile games,” reads Moledina’s status update. “I’m immensely proud that our team achieved this goal with the launch of Tank Nation. Unfortunately, given financial challenges, we’ve been winding down the company. We’ve placed most of our staff at great new jobs, and the few that remain are in process.”




Tank Nation will continue to run for as long as they can keep it up, though if you’re already a fan, I’d consider weaning yourself onto a new game soon. Forget about the future of Tank Nation though – what of Moledina? Before Wormhole Games, he was the man behind Crime City and Modern War studio Funzio, after all. As far as big names in free-to-play go, Jamil Moledina is one that should be on your radar.

“As for what I’m doing next, I still believe in the fight for innovation in games – and am happy to share that I’ve accepted a role at Google Play to help advance that agenda at the platform level. Let’s see what we can do.”

With today’s other announcements from Google Play Games, it seems that the company is really looking to shake things up. It should be an interesting year ahead for Android gamers.