Love it or hate it, Flappy Bird managed to touch something very primal in all of us. An urge to triumph over impossible odds; to conquer the unconquerable.

Since its removal from the App Store in January, plenty of “me too” games have flooded the App Store. Shameless clones, however, miss what make Flappy Bird great. We don’t want to play a cookie cutter knock off, we want the next Flappy Bird.

And I think I’ve just found it.

Like Flappy Bird (and Super Hexagon, and a zillion crazy-hard reaction games before it), Tiny Car is a game with a simple premise and immeasurably difficult gameplay. You’ll need to keep the titular tiny car on an ever-winding road, and your only control are left and right. Momentum will make those turns harder and harder to make, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle to even break 10 points.




There’s another element of Tiny Car that, coincidentally, feels similar to Flappy Bird – a pilfering of Nintendo sound effects. I can’t say for certain, but the revving of you tiny engine sounds an awful lot like that engines in Excitebike. And some of the road layout seems to pay homage to the NES motocross classic as well.

The next Flappy Bird style success wasn’t going to come from a clone – it was going to come from something equally addictive, but also unique. In the few hours I’ve played it (it should be less, but… addictive), Tiny Car has shown itself to be a great blending of Flappy Bird style navigation and Dawn of the Plow-style momentum and steering. It’s a cool combination, and it managed to get its hooks into me rather quickly.

It’s a free download, so why not hit the App Store and see if it does the same for you?