When life starts to get a little overwhelming, do you ever just wish that you could go someplace far, far away where you didn’t have to think about all that pesky real-world stuff that’s always weighing on your mind? That’s why video games can be such a great escape, as there’s often no greater way to forget about your responsibilities, if only for just a minute or two, than by venturing to some far-off distant planets, or saving the world one princess at a time!

Well this week’s batch of new iOS releases have no shortage of great places to go when you just need to take a break from life. Whether that place is a dark and mysterious space station, a time when Game & Watch games ruled the industry, or even a pixelated zoo where all the animals and visitors love to get their funk on every now and then, you’re sure to find a fun and quirky place to lose yourself in tonight. Just make sure you remember to return to the real world every now and then while you’re playing!


Disco Zoo – Be warned, mobile gamers! Tonight may very well hold your next gaming obsession with Disco Zoo, the latest adorably pixelated simulation game from NimbleBit and friends. In this lighthearted fusion of animals and music that was popular in the 70s, players will travel to different zoos around the world and acquire everything from pigs to dinosaurs by completing fun puzzle-like mini-games. And once you’ve gotten your zoo filled to the brim with all kinds of creatures far and wide, then what better way to get your business booming and your visitors grooving than by throwing wild disco dance parties at random intervals throughout the day?



Out There – In many ways, there’s no scarier feeling than being thrown out into the throes of space all alone. After all, who really knows what the heck is out there beyond all those black holes and stars? In Out There, a massive 300+ handwritten gamebook from Mi-Clos, you’ll have plenty of time to come to terms with your dark and engrossing outer space adventures, with all of the randomly-generated exploration, alien technology crafting, and melancholic storylines that you could possibly muster. And to top it all off, the whole thing is illustrated in a beautiful pulp comic visual art style, with a sweeping soundtrack by Siddhartha Barnhoorn of Antichamber and The Stanley Parable fame.


Beyond Space – If you thought we were done with all of the outer space adventuring for the week, then I would kindly ask you to think again! Beyond Space from BulkyPix offers a blistering spaceship shooting experience, with cutting edge graphics, exhilarating gameplay, and dangerous nebulas and asteroids as far as the eye can see. Players will take controller of Max Walker, an adventurer and space pilot who suddenly finds himself in the middle of an intergalactic conflict. As it turns out, this conflict includes all kinds of deadly foreign enemies across the endless boundaries of space, as well as nine powerful and upgradable spaceships to control and ensure that you come out ahead of the space pack.


Snip and Chu – The Game – Last summer, developer Clicker released their incredibly unique “LCDemake” experiment with Game of Watchcraft: Spawn of Squishy, an homage to those old LCD Game & Watch titles. Well tonight we’ll be getting the second installment of the ongoing LCDemake series with a hardcore retro platformer called Snip and Chu – The Game. Taking place entirely on a fixed screen, Snip and Chu blends stylized platforming gameplay with a highly retro and nostalgic look. The game itself is based on an original comic IP of the same name, about a piece of gum named Chu who has to rescue his “discarded toenail” friend, Snip. And no, I’m not making this up.