If you’ve been floating around the interwebs in the last week or so, there’s a good chance the name GBA4iOS has crossed your vision more than once. A Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone and iPad, GBA4iOS works flawlessly. Better yet, it’s an easy install that doesn’t require jailbreaking, and it has a direct pipeline to a ROM store built right into it. For fans of emulation, it’s a pocket dream come true.

Emulation, of course, is a touchy subject. The legality around it scream “grey market” at best. But regardless of your feelings on the subject, you have to admit that GBA4iOS is a technical marvel – especially when compared to all of the mediocre GBA emulators that have tried to sneak onto your iOS devices in recent years. And it’s install method – requiring nothing more than visiting a website and changing the date on your phone – is a wonder in and of itself.




With all of that magic under the hood, there must be some crazy team of coders and hackers working around the clock to get this thing together, right? Actually – it’s just one high school student with a passion for apps and retro gaming.

TouchArcade has an exclusive interview with Riley Testut, the 18 year old wunderkind behind GBA4iOS. If you’re interested in learning how this emulator came to be, this is where you’ll find out. It’s a great read, and it covers everything from his first experiments with app development to his plans for university. There’s even a pizza party in there, and who doesn’t love pizza?

Read the complete article, Secret Deals, Pizza Parties and Countdowns: The Story of Riley Testut’s GBA4iOS, at TouchArcade.