The App Store is a mess. It always has been, and no matter what Apple seems to think they’re doing to fix it (remember when they bought Chomp?), it never seems to get any better.

Ouriel Ohayon thinks he has the answers. Well… some of them, at least. The CEO of Appsfire shared an op-ed piece with TechCrunch earlier today that looks at every angle of Apple’s App Store, and offers some interesting solutions to many of its more visible problems.

Ohayon argues that the App Store’s sub-par search function is largely to blame for discoverability woes, with hot keywords powering results more than hot apps. This is why games with the word “flappy” have littered the top free charts in recent weeks – and a few have even managed to exploit the keyword trifecta of “flappy,” “miley cyrus” and “wrecking ball.”




But it’s not just search. An easy to abuse review system, a lack of communication with developers, iAD – Ohayon discusses all of it.

Read Ouriel Ohayon’s full editorial Fixing the “Flappstore” at TechCrunch.