Game Introduction – Bug Heroes 2

Bug Heroes 2 is a tower defense game from Foursaken Media. In this game, you control a band of bugs that must defend their food stores from enemy bugs at all costs.  Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get a good start on this war between creepy crawlies.

Tips and Tricks

Bug Heroes 2

Take some time to get used to the controls – The controls in Bug Heroes 2 might take a bit of getting used to at first. The lower left-hand side of the screen moves your bug heroes, while the lower right-hand side of the screen controls the camera. When you meet an enemy bug face-to-face, you attack automatically. As you level up, you also gain access to your bugs’ special abilities.

Swipe downwards to turn 180 degrees – Quick, sure movements can mean the difference between victory and defeat in Bug Heroes 2. Swipe vertically on the lower right-hand side of the touchscreen to execute an instantaneous about-face maneuverer.

Look at the insect dictionary for advice on how to take down enemies – Before you start a mission, consider consulting the enemy dictionary. You can find it on the bug hero selection menu; it’s near the top of the screen, and shaped like a little book. The dictionary lists the enemies you’ve encountered up to that point, and offers stats as well as advice on how they move, and how you should attack.

Bug Heroes 2

Switch views according to the task at hand – When you’re on the battlefield, you can toggle your view by pressing the target reticle near the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The overhead view is good for tackling enemies on the battlefield, while the long-range view lets you see what’s coming off in the distance. It’s a good choice when you’re staying close to home and defending your food stash.

Scout early for food and parts – Food and parts are vital for victory in Bug Heroes 2. You have a bit of time to explore each level before things get really hairy; take that time to quickly retrieve any nearby goodies.

Leave a bug to defend the stash – Your bug heroes can act as a team, or independently of each other. If you’re going scouting, it’s a good idea to leave one hero behind to guard the stash, if possible. Make sure they don’t get overwhelmed, though.

Set up outposts – Some stages allow you the opportunity to set up outposts. Do it, if possible: Outposts generate coins, ease the burden of defense on your main turrets, and also let you scout further ahead in relative safety.

When your bugs level up, upgrade them – As your bugs fight on each stage, they level up. When this happens, make sure to equip your power-ups. It’ll make defending yourself a little easier.

Bug Heroes 2

Buy upgrades – Similarly, your base and your outposts constantly generate coins. You also earn coins for beating up bad guys. Put this money back into upgrading your bugs’ attacks and defenses. Remember, these upgrades only last as long as the level, and will have to be re-applied for each new campaign.

Don’t forget about special abilities – Special abilities, like the power to pierce through armor, can be a huge asset. Make sure to buy them as needed. Once the ability is depleted, you’ll need to buy it again.

Fallen comrades respawn, so relax – Did your pal fall in battle? Don’t freak. They’ll respawn after a certain amount of time. Just try and hold the fort until then. If you can.

Don’t be stingy about eating your own food stocks – Your bug heroes can munch on the very food stocks they’re defending if they need to restore hit points. Don’t hesitate to do so if you’re low on health. Cannibalizing a little bit of your own food is preferable to waiting for a friend to respawn – not to mention it’s better than utter defeat.

Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes – Stars are earned in battle, and can go back into fortifying your heroes with permanent upgrades. Access the upgrades menu from the bug hero selection screen. Upgrades apply to all your bugs.

Equip scrolls – Scrolls change your heroes’ abilities and apply buffs. You can purchase and equip them from the bug hero selection screen. Scrolls cost diamonds.

Earn diamonds through missions – You earn diamonds by completing missions. Alternatively, you can buy them with real-world cash.

Try different mission types – In addition to a multiplayer option and its regular single-player campaign, Bug Heroes 2 offers a couple of different variations on the single-player game. “Endless” challenges you to defend your food stash to the death, and “Skirmish” requires you to destroy your enemy’s stash before they destroy yours. Try them for variety!