A few weeks ago, AppsWorld 2014 North America took place at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, presenting two days of cutting edge discussion on the app industry, its present, and its exciting future. During the conference, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, was the official keynote speaker, answering questions and discussing his time at the company. Many exciting sessions were held focusing on general development, the Android platform, gaming, enterprise, and tech.

Speakers from various genres and backgrounds presented their ideas of the industry, including Seth Sternberg, Product Management Director for Google, Jonathan Karon, Product & Engineering Manager for New Relic, Randy Hunt, Creative Director of Etsy, and Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect of GE Capital.




The hottest topic at the conference was ‘The Future of Mobile Gaming’, led by Seth Tipps from Develop Magazine. Various industry luminaries spoke on this topic, including companies such as Gameloft, If You Can, Corona Labs, Disney Mobile, and Dolby Laboratories, Game Insight, King, YetiZen, Ubisoft.

We’ve round up some of the best highlights from the panel below.

  • The strongest app platforms on the market are currently iOS and Android, with Android leading outside of the US. However, with China’s big iOS push in 2014, this could change in foreign markets. Looking outside of iOS and Android, International networks and countries to look for include UK, Germany, and Korea. 
  • The predictions for the platforms of the future are alternative mobile messenger platforms. Top mobile messenger apps like WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook), Kakao Talk in Korea (current partners with Game Insight), WeChat in China, and Line in Japan. 
  • With the industry pushing more towards freemium models, the quality of games being produced will change drastically.
  • There will be ‘better mechanics in games’ – more in-depth gaming experiences, more 3D, and better purchasing options, for example.
  • The ability to compete against friends –Tank Domination, for example, is a multiplayer game that can have 20 players jn real-time combat.
  • Bigger focus on quality – Simpler games with Flappy Bird-esque mechanics will have higher quality graphics.
  • Traditional game developers will become better equipped to make quality mobile games through cross-promotional marketing efforts across the board. For example, Ubisoft is making companion apps that utilize the mobile platform to enhance console gameplay.

The predictions from ‘The Future of Mobile Gaming’ panel are largely rooted in current trends, which, while playing it safe, is arguably the best way to gauge what might be coming next. Gamezebo has already made their predictions for the coming year in games. What are yours?


Alexis Valerio is the Senior PR Manager for Game Insight North America, one of the leading companies in the free-to-play mobile space. Game Insight are the creators of such games as The Tribez, Tank Domination, and Mystery Manor. Learn more at game-insight.com.