Game Introduction – Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing game from Square-Enix. In this game, you control a company of heroes out to stop a madman from decimating the world with his powerful magic.  Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get a good start in this grand adventure.


Tips and Tricks

Final Fantasy VI

Who needs an Inn when you have a bucket? – Early in the game, you’re introduced to an adventurer’s classroom, which sits outside the gates of Narshe. There’s valuable beginner’s advice to be found here, but more importantly, there’s a bucket in the foyer of the building that contains water from a healing spring. Visit this bucket whenever you need fast, free healing; it’s open to you throughout the entire game.

Check boxes, urns, and barrels for free items – The background objects in Final Fantasy VI aren’t just for show. Many of them contain gil and items. If an exclamation mark shows above your character’s head while they’re pushed up against an object, it means there’s something in there. Grab it.

Always have a Tent or two – Tents fully restore your health and magic points when they’re used on the field or a at a save point. They also cure status ailments and even revive KO’d characters. Keep a couple handy.

Final Fantasy VI

Buy Tools for Edgar – Edgar the engineer can use the “Tools” command, which gives him access to enemy-slaying gizmos. He automatically joins the party with the Auto Crossbow, but there are other purchasable tools in Figaro castle. The Bio Blaster poisons groups of enemies, and the Noise Blaster turns enemies against each other.

50% off for Kings – If you make a purchase at Figaro castle with Edgar in your party, he gets 50% off the merchant’s asking price.

Steal a Mythril Claw – When you first reach the South Figaro area, take a few moments and let Locke steal a Mythril Claw from the Belmodar enemies. This powerful weapon will come in handy when the monk Sabin joins your party.  

Keep an eye out for secret passages – Sometimes pushing up against walls can yield secret passages. For instance, in the store room of the Returner’s hideout, there’s a secret passage that leads to a White Cape accessory (which protects against the Imp and Silence status ailments).

Final Fantasy VI

Learn to Blitz – Sabin’s inherent Skill, Blitz, is capable of unleashing deadly attacks. “Aura Canon” fires a bolt of holy energy at a single enemy, “Rising Phoenix” does fire damage on all enemies, and “Meteor Strike” suplexes one enemy (effective against trains). Sabin learns most of his Blitzes as he levels up, and they’re all easy to execute thanks to Final Fantasy VI‘s touch screen-based controls.

Kill the Phantom Train in one hit – The Phantom Train is a powerful enemy, but you can take it down with a single Phoenix Down or Holy Water.

Gau’s best early Rage techniques – Gau is a feral child capable of learning enemy attacks as long as he’s on the Vedlt. There are two powerful Rage techniques that can be acquired early in the game: Fireball, which hits all enemies for medium fire damage, and Cat Scratch, which inflicts massive physical damage on a single enemy. Fireball can be learned from the Lesser Lopros, and Cat Scratch can be picked up from the Stray Cats.

Final Fantasy VI

Find Edgar’s Chainsaw in Zozo – Edgar’s most powerful weapon, the Chainsaw, can be found in the northernmost point of the town of Zozo. To access it, visit the building marked “Inn” and reset the stopped clock. The clues to the correct time can be worked out by talking to Zozo’s denizens. The answer is 06:10:50.

Espers teach magic and boost stats – Espers do more than teach magic to their wearer when they’re equipped. Some of them also boost stats when the wearer levels up. This secondary feature is a great way to beef up a character that’s lacking in some way.

Summon Espers for powerful effects – Espers can be summoned in battle to execute powerful attacks, or apply buffs. The Esper Maduin hits all enemies for non-elemental damage, whereas Golem can protect the party from physical attacks.

Final Fantasy VI

Long-range weapons do equal damage from the back row – Typically, putting a character in the back row means they receive half damage from physical attacks – but are only capable of doling out half physical damage as a consequence. However, some weapons negate the back row damage penalty. These include Locke’s throwing weapons (including the Boomerang, Hawkeye, and Moonring Blade), dice, maces, and clubs.

Heal the dead – Undead enemies like ghosts and zombies take damage from healing spells as well as restorative items like Holy Water and Phoenix Down.

Watch for hidden Chocobos – Clusters of trees on the world map can sometimes hide Chocobo stables, which spare you from random encounters when you’re on your way to a town or dungeon.

Recruit Mog – Your first opportunity to recruit the Moogle named Mog happens when you gain control of the Blackjack airship. Fly back to Narshe and visit the treasure hunter’s house in the eastern part of town. Chase the thief Lone Wolf through the mines, and save Mog. Of course, you can let Mog fall and gain a valuable item that halves magic point consumption, but that’s not very nice (even though you do get another chance to recruit Mog in the second half of the game – and he doesn’t harbor any hard feelings against you).