Scouring Twitter activity through Topsy, download data from App Annie, and developer Dong Nguyen’s own Twitter feed, Christina Warren from Mashable has written the best post-mortem yet on Flappy Bird.  Her conclusion:  no download bots were involved (sorry, haters!)

In a story stranger than fiction, Flappy Bird languished in obscurity from the time it launch in April 2013 until November 2013 when the first “love/hate” tweet about the game appeared.  From then, reviews started to trickle into the App Store at a rate of 20 a day.  And then, boom!  The game first appeared in the Top 250 Free Games chart on Dec 13, hit the Top 10 on January 10 and hit the #1 Free Spot on January 17.  On January 24, the media took notice.  And that’s when things really got crazy.

For the full timeline, read the full story, 28 Days of Fame: The Strange, True Story of Flappy Bird.