Stop the competition. Close the internet. The clone wars are over. If you’ve been wondering which half-assed Flappy Bird knock off was going to rise to the top, you can stop wondering – Terry Cavanagh doesn’t half-ass things.

The creator of the equally difficult “five seconds and your dead” game Super Hexagon, Cavanagh has just released Maverick Bird: A Flappy Bird Fan Game. It’s dripping with both style and substance, pays homage to its inspiration, and does exactly what a good “me too!” game should: it improves on the formula.




Maverick Bird is just like Flappy Bird, and yet it’s so much better.

The game is only available as a Flash browser release right now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this thing ended up on the App Store sooner or later. (Let’s be clear, though – that’s entirely speculation on our part.) Still – Terry has confirmed that some of the code for Maverick Bird was ripped straight out of Super Hexagon (specifically how the game’s obstacles are matched up to the music), so… I’d say the speculation is fair.

Super Hexagon was our runner-up for 2012 Game of the Year. And VVVVVV, Cavanagh’s gravity-flipping platformer before that, was a game we just couldn’t stop talking about in 2010. Could 2014 be the year of Maverick Bird?

I wouldn’t be surprised. Go give it a play and find out for yourself.