Here’s a nifty little fact about myself: whenever I write anything here on Gamezebo, I always have cartoons playing on the TV in the background. I’m not sure why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I LOVE CARTOONS. I’m telling you this now because a lot of tonight’s big new mobile releases are all wonderfully zany in their own right: just like the perfect Saturday morning cartoon!

From trying to land an airplane amidst a fiery inferno of wreckage, to solving puzzles with little block-headed guys called the Stubies, every new game you’ll be able to play tonight has a decidedly cartoonish aspect to it, which typically translates to an awesomely high factor of FUN. Oh yeah, and there’s also the new game from one of Cartoon Network’s most popular and highest rated shows! So which new games will you be using as cartoon substitutes later on tonight? Let us know in the replies!


Stubies – I’m not really sure what kind of game that Stubies from Creatiu Lab is exactly, but all I know is that I want to play it. I want to play it badly. And that’s because the gorgeous art style is unlike anything I’ve really seen before, with adorable block-headed people who wander around 60 different puzzle-filled game boards. Some of the Stubies have lit fuses on their heads, some have little wind-up cranks, and others are just downright painted rainbow. The app description page promises a vastly unique and original game experience, and I think it could very well be the sleeper hit of the week if those Stubies end up being as adorable as I think they are.


Any Landing – On the surface, Any Landing from Strange Flavour is a cartoony airplane simulation game about landing a plane on a variety of terrain surfaces that aren’t an airport runway. As it turns out, this is actually a difficult thing to do, and it often results in your plain bursting into fire and violently scraping along the countryside as players earn level ratings like “Good landing… if you count screaming and running away.” It looks absolutely insane and absolutely awesome, and it does nothing to help my fear of flying in the least.



Card Wars – Adventure Time – Cartoon Network has put out a number of Adventure Time games lately that span all sorts of different genres, from action-adventure to skiing platformer. The latest game to star the lovable duo of Finn and Jake is called Card Wars, and it looks to tackle the world of collectable card games in the only way that Adventure Time can. Based on the TV episode of the same name, Card Wars features intense card-based battles on a vibrant game board, as if Finn, Jake, and BMO were all sitting right at your kitchen table with a deck of cards in each hand.


Super Obstacle Boy – You know what the App Store really needs right now? More tough-as-nails platformers. And that’s exactly why I’m so excited about tonight’s release of Super Obstacle Boy, as it’s already shaping up to give us 128 levels of pure pixelated platforming insanity! I’m willing to overlook the blatant similarities to Edmund McMillan’s fantastic Super Meat Boy with this one, because I can already tell that the sheer amount of variety in level design, not to mention their downright sadistic nature, is totally going to make me shake my iOS device with rage tonight. But it’s a fun, welcomed kind of rage.