The release window for the fifth and final episode in the Blackwell point-and-click adventure series has officially been unveiled today, and players will finally have the chance to see how Rosa and Joey’s intertwining story is going to end this April with The Blackwell Epiphany. Though standalone adventures in their own right, the Blackwell games have still followed an overarching sense of growth for their characters ever since Wadjet Eye Games first released The Blackwell Legacy way back in 2006.

In speaking on the upcoming bittersweet ending to the acclaimed point-and-click adventure series, Blackwell creator Dave Gilbert had this to say: “I always knew how Rosa and Joey’s story would end, but figuring out how to get there was a challenge. This is the last Blackwell game and we’ve given it our all – it’s longer, more detailed, darker, and more atmospheric than any of the games that came before it. I can’t think of a more worthy note to end on.”

Like the four other episodes that came before it, The Blackwell Epiphany will be a standalone adventure when it releases for PC this April. But if you still want to check out Rosa and Joey’s earlier adventures, you can currently pick up a bundle featuring the first four Blackwell games for only $14.99 on