Zos is a full-fledged adventure game brought directly to your web browser courtesy of developer 8bitSkull. Based in a surprisingly rich science fiction universe, Zos has players completing objectives, talking to characters, and platforming across a variety of colorful planets. What is essentially a giant space monster is slowly consuming the universe, and it is up to the player to find the artifacts called ‘The Essences’ that are capable of stopping the beast. Of course, The Essences are scattered all across the galaxy.

As the player adventures through the planets, they can interact with the inhabitants of whatever planet they are on. Zos has surprisingly well-developed alien cultures, and it was always interesting to go and interact with the NPCs that were encountered along the way.




The majority of Zos’ gameplay involves collecting herbs and crafting them together to produce potions. By scrounging around the planets for the proper plants, players can create potions that are useful for a variety of things. Some potions can be weaponized, others provide health perks, and some are simply utility-based.

While it was at times difficult to fight enemies by simply throwing the potions at them, it was not an impossible task, and the penalty for dying was never that harsh as the game simply reset you back to a slightly earlier position.

I feel like immersive, browser-based, science-fiction platformers are a rarity among online arcades, and so that’s even more of a reason to check out Zos whenever you have a few moments to spare.

Zos is playable on 8bitSkull’s official website.