When Disney bought LucasFilm (and, as a result, the Star Wars license), there was a little part of me that got excited at the prospect of great mobile games. You see, there was a time when the App Store was littered with Star Wars games like The Battle for Hoth, Falcon Gunner, and Star Wars Cantina – but like a certain galaxy far away, that was a long long time ago.

Expired licensing deals killed of the past generation of mobile Star Wars games, but if today’s announcement is any indication, we might be in line for a renaissance. Hot off the heels of their first Star Wars mobile game, Tiny Death Star, Disney has just announced Star Wars: Assault Team.




While they’re remaining mum on details, what little has been revealed makes it look like another entry in the crowded card battle space – the one dominated by games like Marvel War of Heroes and… well, another Star Wars game: Star Wars Force Collection. How terribly awkward.

There’s no word on what the fate of Force Collection might be now that Assault Team is on the way, especially once their licensing deal expires. Still, since the game only debuted five months ago, it seems safe to assume that these two will co-habitate on the App Store for a good deal of time.

And if the press release is to be believed, there’s a chance that this new game may offer a somewhat different style of gameplay than what we’re used to from card battle games: “a new turn-based combat game for mobile devices with strategy and card-battle elements.”

Is the galaxy big enough for two Star Wars card battle games? Find out when Star Wars: Assault Team launches this spring on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices.