Whoever said that a kitten and a dragon couldn’t be best friends? Well I guess if you really think about it, one is a cuddly and fragile ball of fluff, while the other is a fire-breathing death machine with talons and scales, so maybe I can understand all you naysayers out there. But either way, that hasn’t stopped GungHo Online Entertainment from announcing their latest Puzzle & Dragons collaboration today: this time with the adorable Hello Kitty World!

Starting now and running until February 9th, Puzzle & Dragons players will be able to download an exclusive Technical Dungeon that features a colorful amusement park theme, four difficulty levels, and a slew of awesome “mash-up” characters taken from the two games, like Kitty Flamie and Kitty Bubblie, which can be earned by using a new Rare Egg Machine.


On the flipside, Hello Kitty World players can also take advantage of the new crossover event by adding special Puzzle & Dragons-themed attractions into their Hello Kitty theme parks. See? And you thought that kittens and dragons would never get along!