Remember Johnny Mnemonic? Me too. In a career plagued by stinkers, Johnny Mnemonic might just be Keanu Reeves very worst. Still, those memories will serve us both well when checking out the comedy gold that is the trailer for Jazzpunk from Adult Swim and Necrophone Games.

Weighing in at a hefty 2 minutes and 4 seconds, they only manage to squeeze a moment or two of gameplay in at the end – but it’s certainly enough to whet our appetites. If you’re looking for more, Necrophone’s earlier teaser trailer from 2012 will give you a much better feel for what the game is about. But why would you want to know that when you could watch fake-Keanu flailing around like a fish out of water?

Expect to see Jazzpunk, “an adventure comedy game and poorly made word processor,” according to the developer, hit Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on February 7.