Game developer Jindrich Stefan recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for his 2D action game, Super Scream Queen. Drawing inspiration from 1950s horror movies and the early works of Nintendo, Stefan is busy working on developing Super Scream Queen into an ode to his favorite film and game genres.

Planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the game has players controlling a woman attempting to escape from hordes of pursuing monsters. Stefan plans to have around 70 levels in the final release, and while the levels themselves will be quite short, he explains that players will hardly be able to get through a level on their first try. He expects that players possessing average video game skills can beat the entire game in around ten hours.

“I have financed the game development myself so far,” Stefan explains, “but for now I have no spare money. Therefore I would need funds for full-time development. Because my life expense is quite low I would use money from this campaign for living.”

If Super Scream Queen reaches its established €1,000 goal, Stefan will look into expanding the game to mobile platforms, as well as adding in multiplayer support.

Visit Super Scream Queen on Indiegogo.