Earlier in the week, Sanctum franchise developer Coffee Stain Studios announced that they are partnering with Gone North Games to complete and publish A Story About My Uncle on Steam later this year. Gone North Games’ A Story About My Uncle is a non-violent first-person adventure game about a young man who gets lost in a mysterious world while looking for his missing uncle. Utilizing a grappling hook to swing through the game’s world, players will gradually solve the mystery of where they are and what happened to their uncle.

“Coffee Stain Studios is primarily a developer, not a publisher,” explains Coffee Stain Studios designer and PR manager, Armin Ibrisagic. “Other indie devs have approached us before, but we’ve been hard to convince. However, once we got a chance to play a demo of A Story About My Uncle, we were hooked. We just had to help these guys finish the development and publish the game on Steam.”




A Story About My Uncle originally was a university project that rose to attain a nomination for the game of the year award at the Swedish Game Awards in 2012. A demo of the game had been the source of many YouTube “Let’s Play” videos which fueled Gone North Games to continue development. The demo was recently taken down, as Gone North Games no longer feel it accurately depicts the game.

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