When you think of customer service in casino games, your mind probably goes to friendly dealers, understanding security, and a buffet table that never runs low. But when you’re playing casino games in the comfort of your browser on Facebook, none of these trappings should affect your experience.

So why does customer service matter? Because it makes money, that’s why.

A new report from the analytics firm Traffic Generation has revealed that a whopping 39% of social slots players who’ve contacted customer service are also monetizing users. In fact, this seemingly niche section of players accounts for 37% of a game’s total revenue.

In another chicken or the egg scenario, it’s hard to know if people are more comfortable spending money because of a good interaction or if paying customers are the ones most likely to contact support. The latter seems most likely; a suggestion indicated by another of the report’s findings: “The player who most frequently interacted with operators was also the highest value player, communicating an average of 0.59 messages per day.”

There’s no mention of which game was used to gather this data, but Traffic Generation states that the data was gathered over 2 years from more than 900,000 social slots players. That sounds like a lot of pulls on the ol’ one-armed bandit – and if developers provide good customer service, they could be the ones hitting the jackpot.