Here’s one last piece of fun and unexpected news to leave you with before the weekend: Milkbag Games and NimbleBit have teamed up to bring us a brand new game about dancing animals called Disco Zoo. And they said that Disco was dead…

When we last heard from Milkbag Games, the duo of Matt Rix (Trainyard) and Owen Goss (Finger Tied) were hard at work on the upcoming Snow Siege, and NimbleBit had just put out the fantastic Star Wars: Tiny Death Star with Disney, so the announcement of this new game comes as a welcomed surprise.

Alongside the official Twitter announcement, the developers have also released a 20-second teaser trailer that depicts various zoo visitors gathered around different animal exhibits, which are all brought to life through NimbleBit’s signature and adorable 8-bit visual style. But then the lights go low, the disco ball drops down, and the zoo animals then get their 1970s on!

That’s all we know about Disco Zoo so far, but I don’t think I’m the only one who can’t wait to learn more. Keep checking back on Gamezebo for all the latest news regarding this seriously funky game’s platforms and release date.