Sometimes when it really starts to snow like it does so often in the month of January, there’s nothing I love more than making a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) and losing myself in the engrossing and hopefully much warmer worlds of my favorite mobile games. Well tonight’s new iOS releases should make us all quickly forget about the ongoing cold, as their bright and unique worlds look to offer us the perfect escape from brushing the snow off our cars.

For instance, there’s no time to think about being cold when you’re living in a constant state of fear and trying to solve one eerie puzzle after the next. There’s also no snow on the open pirate-filled seas, or in a warm house that’s covered in trap-guarded cheese. So put another log in the fire, crack open that brand new bag of marshmallows, and get ready to sink into an exciting new world, because here are a few of the great new games that are headed to an iOS device near you later on tonight!


In Fear I Trust – There are many different things that one can reasonably put their trust in to keep them safe from harm. But putting your trust in fear? No one willingly wants to be afraid all the time, now do they? Well it looks like you’re going to have to if you want any hope of making it through Chillingo’s frightening puzzler In Fear I Trust with your sanity intact, as the psychological mind-bending game looks to be so traumatic that your own fear will be your only companion throughout the entire chilling adventure! With tons of eerie locations to explore, lots of scary puzzles to solve, and an even creepier story and atmosphere surrounding it all, I think I’ll put my own trust in happy thoughts and rainbows while I play this one tonight.



Age of Booty: Tactics – A sequel of sorts to the revered and beloved Age of Booty from Certain Affinity, Age of Booty: Tactics puts wannabe-pirates at the wheel of a mighty vessel once again, as they scour the seven seas for treasure and engage in some swashbuckling turn-based battles. Players will also get to build their very own pirate fleet, and cover their poop deck with a sturdy crew made up of the likes of Bloody Mary and Bonnie Big Wig. The world of Age of Booty has never looked more alive either, with full 3D visuals and quirky caricatures of your pirates that even the grisliest of landlubbers wouldn’t want to go near! I think that’s enough pirate words for one paragraph now. Arrgh!


Trip Trap – Nothing stands between a mouse and his cheese: not even rooms filled with tricky gadgets and legions of mice-hungry cats! In the cutesy arcade-puzzler Trip Trap, players take control of Cheddar the mouse (or “Ched,” as he’s known on the streets), and help him chow down on as much cheese as the little guy’s stomach can hold! But of course, each wedge of cheese has been strategically placed behind all sorts of dangerous traps, so it’s your job to help Ched outmaneuver everything in the room and make it to the exit in 80 unique and original levels. With beautiful cartoon illustrations and a ton of personality (you can unlock different “gear” that Ched can wear, like a football helmet with ears), this puzzler looks anything but cheesy!


Luminetic Land – Have you ever made a trip out to Luminetic Land? I heard that it’s a pretty great place to be, especially if you like bright lights, fun magnets, and colorful puzzle games! Hinging on the physics of the Ray Casting lighting technique, Luminetic Land will have you using magnets, rocks, bombs, and more to guide the smiley-faced balls called the Luminetics towards lighting up the many stars in their colorful world. And as it turns out, those are the two biggest concepts that factor into this game: lighting and color. After all, what’s the point of living in Luminetic Land if you can’t go around mixing different lights and basking in the glow of vibrant new colors!