As the world becomes more and more digitized and globalized each and every day, the way we buy things and the money we use to make those transactions has begun to adjust accordingly. Such is the case with Bitcoins, a new digital type of currency that began to emerge around 2009, but has steadily been gaining both traction and attention in recent years. The biggest draw to using Bitcoins is that the currency is run over a simple peer-to-peer network without any central banks actually involved, and its intentional public and open-source design allows for extreme flexibility when purchasing products in different markets.

Well this week a new marketplace has launched called Apps for Coins, which is aimed at letting early Bitcoin adopters do one very exciting thing: purchase paid apps and games on the App Store using Bitcoins! This is how the new website works. Users find the game they want to buy, just like they would on the regular App Store, and then purchase it using their Bitcoins. In the next 10 minutes, they will then receive a redeem code for the app they just purchased, which they can download and begin playing as normal.


It’s been reported that a single Bitcoin was estimated to be worth around $13 of regular U.S. currency circa 2012, although that number is expected to continually rise as the years go on. Just to put the costs into some kind of perspective, a regular priced $0.99 game like Cut the Rope 2 or Ski Safari: Adventure Time will set you back 0.0018B on Apps for Coins, while a $2.99 game like Castle Doombad is currently selling for 0.0041B.

There’s certainly still a lot left to learn about this rising new digital currency, but if there’s anything to be said about it right now, it’s that Bitcoins are really starting to get people intrigued. After all, Zynga even announced at the start of this year that they would be experimenting with accepting Bitcoins as payment in some of their most popular games like FarmVille 2 and CastleVille.

But whatever you do, you’ll probably want to check out the Apps for Coins website sooner rather than later, as something tells us that Apple won’t take too kindly to this idea once they find out, and it might not be long before the company starts making efforts to get it shut down. Have you ever bought anything using Bitcoins yourself? Do you agree with the many others who are already saying that Bitcoins could be the digital currency of the future? Be sure to chime in with your thoughts down below in the replies!