Here’s an interesting number for you casino owners out there: 32%. That’s the number of social slots gamers in the United States who are visiting brick and mortar casinos on a weekly basis, or so says a new report from the analytics firm Traffic Generation.

To gather this data, they surveyed 2118 social slots players in the US and asked one simple question: On average, how often do you visit a bricks-and-mortar casino? You can find the full state-by-state breakdown at (it turns out that social gamblers in Utah are real fuddy-duddies), but when taken as a whole, 32% of respondents said they visit a real casino at least once a week.




It’s an interesting figure, but it’s really hard to qualify what it means. What we have here is a real “chicken and egg” conundrum. Are social slots games on Facebook and mobile turning more people into real world gamblers? Or are real world gamblers more keen to play social slots games in their spare time than non-gambling folks? If it’s the latter, this could mean that they’re actually spending less time and money in the casino now that they can scratch that itch for free.

Either way, though, Traffic Generation is spot on with their final assessment. Regardless of which way the clientele is flowing, casinos could benefit greatly from increasing their own presence in social games and media. After all – if you’re addicted to a mobile slots game set at Caesar’s Palace, where do you think your first stop will be if you ever go to Vegas?

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