You’re in danger of having fun

2013 Christmas flooding has been devastating to certain coastal areas of the UK. Hello Games was no small victim: The studio lost its working space in the deluge, in addition to much of its equipment and a collection of retro consoles. But that hasn’t stopped the plucky Guildfordians from releasing Joe Danger Infinity, a new installment of the Joe Danger toy-based stunt bike series. Puddles of milk and soup can’t stop Joe Danger, and neither can a deluge of icy sea water.

Joe Danger Infinity includes dozens of racing/stunt tracks that feature a toy-like appearance, like obstacle courses set up in a child’s bedroom. Outside of the designated race levels, going as fast as possible is unimportant. Your main goal is to navigate traps, bounce on platforms, collect items and coins, and have yourself a good time.

And rest assured: It’s easy to have a good time with Joe Danger Infinity. The game plays much like its predecessors, so you can count on a lot of flipping, springing, wheelies, and crazy cars and drivers. Don’t be surprised if your body automatically moves with the on-screen action.

It’s usually enough to safely reach the finish line at the end of each level, but Joe Dangeralsohas lots of special goals to meet and objects to root out. Sometimes it’s enough to drive into said objects (coins, for example), but other times you need to physically tap whatever’s flying at you (stars).

Joe Danger Infinity

One particularly fun object to look out for is the gumball token. If you find and tap the token as it zips by, you get a chance to take a spin with King Gumball at the end of the track and potentially unlock new racers. (If nothing else, it’s fun to listen to the announcer draw out the word “GuuUUUUUUmmmBALL!” when you hit the token. It sounds a bit like a G-rated version of Eric Freeman’s infamous “GARBAGE DAY!!” quote from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.)

There’s a lot to do and unlock in Joe Danger Infinity, which means the presence of (you guessed it) in-app purchases. Thankfully, the game is not too bossy about them. There’s no paywall; your victories depend on your skill, not how many dimes you dish out. Besides, while you can pay to unlock racers and vehicles early, you unlock many of them automatically through the course of regular play.

Joe Danger Infinity

There is, however, one instance when the peddling for in-app purchases can be considered invasive, and that’s when you lose a race. Every time you restart, the game nudges you about buying power-ups. It kills the mood when you’re psyched up about getting back in the race.  

Interruptions aside, Joe Danger Infinity is packed with solid, colorful good times that should appeal to kids and adults. If you’ve had enough of the series, you’ll be okay with putting Infinity back in the toy box. If you still think it’s fun to push your motorcycles across the carpet while making “Brrrrrbrrrr” sounds (and hopefully you do), go another lap with Joe.