Now this is what I’m talking about: a Wednesday night with so many exciting new iOS releases that it takes me all morning to narrow them down to just four to talk about in this article! The App Store has been feeling a little dry as of late, especially after the holidays and last week’s surprisingly slim selection of new games. But now I’m very happy to say that we are back to our regularly scheduled mobile euphoria.

And to kick off 2014’s first massive batch of new mobile releases, you’ll be seeing everything from a devious strategy game that has you battling legions of adventure heroes as you protect your kidnapped princess, to another stunt-filled ride across the living room table, to a game that’s so intuitive that even a monkey could play it! So get those iPads charged, get those fingers ready for tapping, and sit back to enjoy the start of a wonderful new year in the mobile gaming world.



Castle Doombad – It’s a scenario we’ve heard a hundred times before: evil dude kidnaps a princess, keeps her locked up at the very top of his evil tower, and waits for the occasional brave hero to come along and perform a daring rescue. But now here’s the twist that makes the same old story so invigorating in Castle Doombad: you get to be the bad guy! That’s right, the entire game lets players defend their evil lair from incoming hoards of heroes that are hell-bent on rescuing the kidnapped princess, and it’s up to you to stop them by using every devious trap and minion at your disposal! Coming from the continued partnership between Adult Swim Games and Grumpyface Studios, who brought us such iconic classics as Robot Unicorn Attack in the past, you don’t need to be an evil scientist to realize how much fun this new title is going to be.


simian.interface – I’m still not entirely sure what kind of game Chillingo’s simian.interface is exactly, even after writing this article on the game a few days ago. All I can really say for sure is that it involves monkeys, some freshly designed puzzles, and that the game will be making its way to the App Store later on tonight. Said to take inspiration from “tabletop puzzles, modern art, and cognitive psychological experiments,” simian.interface was not only recognized as an Indiecade Finalist in 2013, but has garnered all sorts of acclaim from both humans and primates alike. And if you happen to own a pet monkey at the moment who’s into mobile gaming, be sure to let us know if he agrees!


Joe Danger Infinity – We thought that Joe’s first bike trip onto the mobile roads was a dangerously good time at the beginning of 2013, and tonight’s Joe Danger Infinity looks to bring even more of the same wacky stunt-based gameplay and responsive touchscreen controls into the fold. This time around, Joe will be pulling off the most death-defying tricks across kitchen tops, bedroom floors, and even dining room tables; not to mention facing off in epic boss battles against helicopters and UFOs! And what’s even more impressive than the 96 new levels, 15 crazy vehicles, and over 20 playable characters in Infinity is that Hello Games managed to finish their work on the game despite their studio’s own battle with some devastating floods a few weeks ago. Talk about a real dangerous development stunt!


Archangel – You’ve got to love a game with a totally badass gameplay trailer, am I right? Well if we’re strictly using those criteria, then Archangel from Unity Games should already be beloved by mobile gamers one and all. In the game, players will take control of the ruthless archangel of justice and retribution, as they basically slaughter every evil force that aims to defy the heavenly rule of the world. As a result, you can expect to find lots of high-adrenaline action, stylish RPG-infused gameplay, and of course, lots of devastating spells you can cast to help keep those pearly gates nice and safe. With over 30 epic levels to battle through and smooth gesture-based controls, this game might as well have been a gift from the archangels themselves.