It’s a brand new year, so that means brand new information on Valve’s innovative Steam Machines! We’ve known that the “Steam boxes” have been coming for a little while now, specifically designed to bring the popular computer-based gaming service directly to your living room. But until this very moment, all we had to go on was a few pieces of ominous concept art that showcased different-shaped boxes at the heart of various entertainment centers.

Well today Valve has announced over a dozen different Steam Machines that gamers will be able to pick up at some point in 2014. The upcoming “first generation” of Steam Machines is being produced by 14 of today’s biggest hardware manufacturers, including Alienware, Origin PC, and Falcon NW. What’s great about this is that gamers will have a wide range of choices when determining which Steam Machine is the best fit for their own playing style, and taking into consideration things like hardware specifications and pricing points.


For instance, certain models of the Steam Machine will be starting out as low as $499, like those from iBuyPower or CyberPower PC. But if you’re really into building powerful gaming machines and have the money to spend, then a Falcon NW model can cost you anywhere from $1,799 to $6,000. The interesting thing is that each different Steam Machine looks vastly different in appearance, depending on the manufacturer, and each one will come packaged with Valve’s groundbreaking SteamOS controller.

You can find out more information on the upcoming first generation of Steam Machines by visiting the official Steam website, and you can download a full product sheet complete with images and specifications of the first line of hardware by clicking right over here.