While we’ve certainly seen a few mobile games that played around with location-based concepts before in the past, there have been very few to go to the same lengths of immersion that form the foundation of Ingress from Google’s Niantic Labs. What starts off as a location-based MMO that uses real-world positioning to influence game events quickly becomes a virtual reality event of epic proportions the more you dive into the constraints of Ingress and start unraveling the mystery of the Niantic Project.

So to celebrate the past, present, and future of the ambitious mobile project, Niantic Labs has just released a two-part retrospective video series that documents the creation of the location-based experience and gives an enlightening overview of the storyline so far. You can check out both parts of the official documentary “Ingress Report: Ingress Year One” by clicking here and here, respectively.

It’s a seriously cool video series that everyone should definitely check out: especially if you’ve never had a chance to play Ingress before, as there’s no finer way to bring yourself up to speed on the captivating real-life mobile event. But now we’ve saved the best (and most interesting) news for last, as Niantic Labs has let it slip that Ingress will also be headed to iPhone in the very near future.

It’s pretty surprising, don’t you think, that a game made by Google is headed directly to a competitor’s platform? But we’re certainly not complaining, as the more people playing Ingress the better! If you have an Android device right now, you can scoop up the epic and free-to-play location-based experience over on the Google Play Marketplace.