In July of last year, mystery game, Detective Grimoire, launched its Kickstarter campaign. A month later, the game had collected nearly $30,000, safely above its established goal. Now, SBF Games has launched the game on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The game’s soundtrack is also available for $4.

Detective Grimoire is out to solve the murder mystery of a tourist attraction owner, who is rumored to have been slain by the very creature his tourist trap is based upon. Detective Grimoire is a point-and-click game, and SFB Games has integrated that for touchscreen devices.

The game originally debuted, in a much earlier form, in 2007 on Armor Games, Kongregate, and Newgrounds. Three years later, the developers decided that Detective Grimoire would be a great game to bring to the mobile market and an artist and voice actors were brought on board. The 2012 Kickstarter was in effort to fund the final stretch of game development, allowing for heavy dose of reimagining before release. The success of the Kickstarter allowed SFB Games to release the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux at the same time as the originally planned Android and iOS releases.

Detective Grimoire is available now on the game’s official website