The “Sheepmas Holidays” bundle offers buyers the opportunity to pick up five Android games for 99-cents. Color Sheep, Orion’s Forge, Level 22, Naughty Bricks, and Kings Can Fly.

Color Sheep has players defending the world from the wolves of Wolfcano. As the wolves come in, players must switch the color of Sir Woolson’s fleece to match the color of the incoming wolves and then attack to wipe them out.


Orion’s Forge is a puzzle game where the player creates new stars in the sky by manipulating magnetic fields to guide the given energy to its destination. Completed levels reward players with a completed constellation revealing a mini-story.

Gamezebo reviewed Level 22 back in October and gave the game three stars. We liked the premise of the game, as well as the art direction, but we had some difficulty adjusting to the controls, found the enemy AI to be lacking, and it was difficult to see large portions of some of the game’s bigger areas.

Gamezebo also reviewed Kings Can Fly, and awarded the game three-and-a-half stars. We really liked how the game eased players into learning how to solve the puzzles without being overwhelming , but we found the music to be tedious over time.

Naughty Bricks is a puzzle game where players must bounce the sun throughout our solar system, attempting to clear away all of the bricks present. Using asteroids to ricochet off of, and wormholes to “manipulate” time, players have plenty of tools available to save the galaxy from the invading bricks.

Pick up the “Sheepmas Holidays” bundle from the ikoid website.