The latest Alpha build of Introversion Software’s prison simulator, Prison Architect, is available now. The Alpha 16 build introduces the game’s modding community to Steam Workshop support, allowing players to upload and share their custom mods with other Steam users. Previously Workshop support allowed for Steam users to upload and share prison layouts.

Currently, one of the most popular mods is Imperial Architect, a fan-made Star Wars-themed mod which transforms the prison into an Imperial prison base. The mod page has over 25,000 unique visitors.

The Alpha 16 build also allows for segregation of prisoners based on certain criteria. With increased AI functionality and the ability to task prisoners to work within their segregated areas, prison staffers are more efficient than ever in performing their duties.

“This change is difficult to see in the video,” Introversion Software explains in the update’s announcement post, “and perhaps hard to fully appreciate, but it touches every area of the game…A side benefit of this change is that prisoners are now able to tell when their route to freedom has not been locked. We see a lot of prisons on Steam Workshop that keep the front doors permanently unlocked, and even sometimes unlock entire sectors (For efficiency – it means you don’t need to wait for guards to unlock doors all the time). What kind of prisoner wouldn’t want to take advantage of this if they could? So prisoners who are near the front of your prison and notice the doors unlocked might decide to make a run for it. The more dangerous the prisoner, and the closer he is to the exit, the more likely it is to happen.”

Prison Architect is available now through the game’s official website.