Blackguards developer Daedalic Entertainment recently released a trailer for their turn-based strategy game, showcasing the praise the game is receiving from the community. Blackguards is currently participating in Steam’s Early Access program, allowing interested gamers to jump into the current pre-release build of the game, in order to provide feedback to the developers at Daedalic Entertainment. 

In a press release issued to media outlets, Daedalic Entertainment Senior Producer, Kai Fiebig, said, “To us, the Early Access has been very beneficial. We gathered a lot of important and constructive fan-feedback during the first weeks of Early Access and will add features according to the feedback until the game’s release.”

One of the biggest changes Daedalic Entertainment has planned is the implementation of advanced character customization options.

“The community, after the first Early Access chapter, expressed [their] wish to build their character from scratch right away, —and we gladly fulfill this request by implementing an option for a fully customizable character.” Fiebig goes on to say that the customization option will come in a patch, after the game’s release.

Blackguards is set to be released January 24th, 2014, on Steam. Buying the game through the Early Access program allows instant access of the latest development build.

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